Earth Arena

Conquer the world on your smartphone in this epic massively multiplayer strategy game. Manage your colony, recruit an army and dot the earth with outposts to edge out your enemies in this game of strategy, diplomacy and skill.

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Join an alliance or make it on your own in this post-apocalyptic world with thousands of players vying for dominance. Engage in gunboat diplomacy, fight thrilling wars and beat the odds on Earth, Mars, a Fantasy world or even in Space to make a name for yourself in this epic strategy game. 

About Gato Games


Gato Games Inc is a Game Developer/Publisher incorporated in 2019 by a former BattleDawn player with as express purpose to bring BattleDawn into the future. It has purchased both BattleDawn and Earth Arena from Tacticsoft and is working hard on various exciting projects to make Battle Dawn into the game we always imagined it could be.

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